Working through the obstacle – my session during injury

So it’s a Wednesday night, a whole day since my hamstring incident yesterday.

My will to experiment remained, and my logic that one bad muscle does not mean that I should treat all the rest of my body the same way was just like the temptation to test the limits.

As I sit and munch on a tuna mayo sandwich, brown bread, with a sweet cup of tea, no milk, I stare out the window and observe the dull English skies. I would be confounded by the fact that the skies were, full of life, painted with a light blue so rare to find earlier on in the day, but I have lived in England long enough to learn that this weather remains unpredictable, like a few of my female friend’s mood swings, to be honest. In both cases, its more effective to remain quiet and let the storm go by. Either way, I just felt like it was a day for training. Dull skies and getting through the day with a vibe of training. Reminds me of a cold autumn in a half term. Quiet, easy and progressive. I decided it was time for a start.

So, I tuned in for the talk of my body, my inner self telling me that it complies with a workout of push ups, light but high-in-quantity jump reps, and some plank. No sprinting, no heavy lifting or intensive speed/power drills. Sometimes I find it that you gotta treat your body as it is that you are a ruler and it is your trusted advisor, by combining the feeling of your body and combining it with the logic of your mind, you will shortly find what you need.

I put on a black Nike tracksuit, my favourite one that was a gift from my brother. Cotton material, so it was ideal for a comfort factor, and made you feel at home with light workloads that do not demand much mobility. Paired with a pair of black night flights, I made my way to the local field, I knew this was going to be kind of fun. I bring with me earphones, a Nike bottle, my HTC phone and a skipping rope. You already know I have gone in with the Nike today.

It felt real good, though. All in my comfy tracksuit ready to do generic exercises made me feel like I was in a rocky movie. All under the shadows, an athlete who the world was yet to hear about, working class in a small neighbourhood with an undesirable reputation. But as well as I sell the streets of Orton, I was still chilling just fine. It’s not so bad.

So I complete my workout, the best part being the skipping. I got, in total, 150 push ups done, 180 seconds of plank, and 500 reps on hop-skipping done. Not that impressive, I know. But remember that I’ve got to do this, and similar workouts until full recovery. Which is 2 weeks, I sadly speculate. This means I miss competing in London, and if you have read my “I want to compete in London more”, you still understand how much of a slap to the head this is. I am going to rely on sleep, diet, treatment and most importantly, prayer to make this process quicker.

So here I stand, or sit rather, on a park swing letting the session sink in, writing this. Toughest part now is deciding tomorrow’s session. But that’s not so bad. I gotta revise sociology as my ending exam is near. This Friday even.

Thanks for hearing what I gotta say though.


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