Identifying as black

How I think being black is just another term for acting ghetto. Which is...effectively a bad thing.


Social Media

The mechanics of how distracting social media can get, and how it affects youth more than we know.

‘Broken Steel’

A starting chapter to a novel that I wrote during my A-level years. It goes over a soldier named Grant, who loses his brother in the war, and how he faces treatment with Dr.Rogers.

Speed and Power!

In a world where competition is fierce enough to mentally ravage through people, my response was to remain firm, and write this poem on what I think it takes to become number one. In the context of sport, of course.


I wrote this when I was 16 years old. I had a terrible time trying to achieve in athletics, something I had dedicated myself extremely to. For years, no matter how hard I trained, 6 or 9 times a week, I felt as if I was getting cheated within my results. Nothing worked, not a single adjustment. This poem was written in a time of distress. Fatigue of shame and frustration.


Indecision and how it can really limit the pathway to opportunities in life- something that is needed to reach the peak of it.

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